Sensor Humedad Y Temperatura Cjmcu-sht20 Arduino Ptec


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CJMCU-SHT20 High-precision temperature and humidity sensor module development board Power Supply: 1.5V-3.6V Humidity measuring range: 0-100% RH Temperature range: -40'C -105'C Maximum power consumption: 2.7uW Communication: I2C Humidity accuracy range: 10% RH to 95% RH (± 1% RH) Humidity Hysteresis: ± 1% RH Measurement time: 50ms The annual shift: -0.5% RH / year Response time: 5 s The digital output temperature and humidity sensor HTU20D applications: Temperature and humidity transmitter, Temperature and humidity recorder, Temperature and humidity control, Automotive electronics, Household appliances, Consumer electronics, HVAC. Smart home, Mobile tablet, HVAC, Wearable device, Room monitoring, Agricultural greenhouse, Smart watches and other fields.