Modulo Mosfet Irf540


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MOSFET, N, 100V, 33A, TO-220
Polaridad del transistor: Canal N
Continuous Drain Current Id: 33A
Drain Source Voltage Vds: 100V
On Resistance Rds(on): 44mohm
Rds(on) Test Voltage Vgs: 10V
Threshold Voltage Vgs Typ: 4V
Transistor Case Style: TO-220AB
N.º of Pins: 3
Corriente, ID máx.: 33A
Current Temperature: 25°C
Marcador: IRF540N
Full Power Rating Temperature: 25°C
Junction to Case Thermal Resistance A: 1.1°C/W
Lead Spacing: 2.54mm
N.º of Transistors: 1
Power Dissipation Pd: 94W
Power Dissipation Pd: 94W
Pulse Current Idm: 110A
Voltage Vds Typ: 100V
Voltage Vgs Max: 4V
Voltage Vgs Rds on Measurement: 10V