Micro Motor Vibrador Cilindrico


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Micro Motor Vibrador Encapsulado
Tamaño: 21x7x7mm
Características Técnicas:
Peso: 3.1g
Alimentacion: 1v-2v.
Consumo: 60mA
Velocidad: 4500rpm
Brand Name: JRX
Model Number: JMM1420-BY0716ZT55155L
Usage: Boat, Car, Electric Bicycle, Fan, Home Appliance, Sex toys Motor
Certification: CCC, CE, ROHS
Type: Micro Motor
Construction: Permanent Magnet
Commutation: Brush
Protect Feature: Totally Enclosed
Speed(RPM): 4500 ± 10% rpm
Voltage(V): 1.5V DC
The use of Voltage range: 1.0 ~ 2.0V DC
Rotation Direction: CW
The use of temperature range: -10¿~60¿=60%RH
Rated Current: 34mA Max
Stall Current: 60mA Max
Starting Voltage: 0.8V DC
Terminal Resistance: 24± 5%O
Insulation Resistance: 10MO